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Q: How can I get better role, than default member role?

A: You have to be an active member, so administrator, or moderator will later give you a better role, like contributor etc...
Or you can buy paid role, if you are interested, check out question below. 

Q: What are the benefits of paid roles?

A: Depends, but all of them are just simple things. Here you can check out all paid roles, with their all benefits: Account upgrades.

Q: How can I add my cheat to the Cheats Market?

A: If you have any question about it, check out Cheats Market FAQ/Terms.

Q: Can I buy ads on forum?

A: Yes, but only banners on front page or sticky threads, for more details visit ads manager on forum: Ads manager.

Q: I have one more question?

A: If you have more question, ask it on Contact us page.