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onetap crack

  1. Request neverlose/skeet/primordial/onetap crack

    Hi i wanted to ask if anyone could crack any of the cheats above and send it as a response here because its kinda unfortunate that only russian people are cracking them and selling them for really big prices and many people request free good cheats
  2. Request Onetap v3/v2 nadoclient/chams.cc??

    So basically I remember the good old days with chams.cc and nadoclient.com. the otcv2 improved cheat, how was this possible, nadoclient somehow improved resolver and exploit but there was never a source code from otcv2. if somoene can explain this to me and is this possible to do on onetap v3c...
  3. Rage CFG my onetap v3 config + js, made in style with skeet

    This onetap v3 config hits p, expect the " resolver ". made with style for skeet. i tried to found an scope javascript but only think i got was siecord.js wich includes more shit then i would like to have. Please dont buy any scripts, or configs. they will be probably any time leaked