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onetap crack

  1. Request Onetap v3/v2 nadoclient/chams.cc??

    So basically I remember the good old days with chams.cc and nadoclient.com. the otcv2 improved cheat, how was this possible, nadoclient somehow improved resolver and exploit but there was never a source code from otcv2. if somoene can explain this to me and is this possible to do on onetap v3c...
  2. Rage CFG my onetap v3 config + js, made in style with skeet

    This onetap v3 config hits p, expect the " resolver ". made with style for skeet. i tried to found an scope javascript but only think i got was siecord.js wich includes more shit then i would like to have. Please dont buy any scripts, or configs. they will be probably any time leaked