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Safe Fully undetected cheat driver for your p2c!

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Hello, I've decided to share internal injection driver, that is confirmed to be undetected on EAC. Please remember once I release the source, I have send the source to EAC. This means that eventually it'll be "semi detected". So to make it undetected, you need to modify it.

sa1fu has done a great tutorial regarding EAC, so please check that out. (https://hackvshack.net/threads/how-to-bypass-eac.733/)
Like I stated a few lines up, I have sent this source to EAC yesterday. Regardless, you shouldn't worry about it, the average paster can make the driver undetected and can use it with their p2c.
You can modify this source to work with any EAC enabled game easily, right now it's modified to work on rust. This is rather easy, and I don't think I need to explain you how to do it.

Stuff you need to make it work, and modify it to be undetected later on:
1st. Visual Studios, you can get it from here:

2nd. WDK, more commonly known as windows driver kit. You can download it from here:

Optional: 3d. You need to have good knowledge in the c++. Otherwise you won't be able to modify it, and make it undetected later on. But because I'm so nice, here is a online class on c++, that is decent and free;

Optional: 4th. Knowledge in coding drivers, once again I am nice enough to give you link to a 3 part series about coding drivers;

That is basically all, I hope you guys have fun time learning, and improving this driver to be undetected!

I'll be using linkvertise to share the code, since it will give me some money in exchange for this driver source, and you won't need to pay.

Tutorial on how to download;
Link for the driver and source:

1st. Open the linkvertise link, and then press the "Free Access with Ads"
2nd. Watch the ads, and then press "continue to download"
3rd. Run the download, but disagree when it asks you to install any files, this can include cleaner, anti-virus.
4th. After that, press the "Finish install" button, and then you should've gotten the ultradrv.rar file!

I hope you guys enjoy this, and I wish you all the best year!


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