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In this tutorial I'll be explaining how you can bypass VAC. Now before starting this, I want you to know that VAC is a complete joke, and you shouldn't worry about it too much. Let's get into the tutorial now.

How to bypass VAC:

Manual Map inject your cheat to the game!
Do not use VMT Hooking, use a regular detour / trampoline hook, or better yet a midfunction hook
That's it basically, congratulations your safe from VAC-detection bans!

If you followed this guide, the chances of you getting VAC banned is basically 0%..

If you want to test cheats for Cs:Go, just use "-insecure", it disables VAC from running, and you cannot get banned while using that. But on the other hand, you cannot join MM game. Some of you might think that when you add ton of junkcode to your Osiris pasted p2c, you'll be safe from VAC, well no. It doesn't help you bypass the anti-cheat, only thing it does is making your cheat laggy!

What is VAC able to do?

While VAC is loaded it has the capability of and has been seen:

Scanning all your files
Scanning all running processes
Scanning your registry
Enumerating all open handles
Scanning for hooks
Signature scanning for known cheats (From Github, uc etc.)

Advanced VAC Bypassing
If you're distributing a pay cheat you will want to reverse VAC yourself and periodically dump the modules and compare. If VAC updates, you need to know what they changed. If you're distributing a pay cheat, in addition to our list above, you should:

Encrypt all strings
Randomize module, process, window & window class names
Use polymorphic code to evade signature detection
Stay off the disk as much as possible, stream everything into memory
Clean all your tracks, avoid registry keys etc...
Consider hooking and de-clawing VAC itself

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