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Tutorial How To Get LOW UID Onetap Accounts for free

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This was pretty popular but people still don't know about it so I'll post it here. (Sorry if this was posted before)
Back in 2019 - 2020 Onetap had a big database leak.
The menu source was leaked as well as other stuff but out of all what caught the most attention was user data.
User data as in uid, pass, and email.
Obviously, due to it being posted 2 - 3 years ago, most of the accounts have been used and the good accounts are gone.
But, I knew it wasn't that popular and most newgens had no idea about it, so I got the txt and manually went through the accs.
I managed to get 3 accounts with the lowest being around 10k.
Which means there are surely some accounts still usable in this database.
For anyone who wants the accounts, I recommend finding/making an openbullet config and checking the accs quickly.
Also, sorry if this isn't allowed here.


  • onetapdatabase.txt
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