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  1. CyreZz

    Other servers for 2019???

    any servers for 2019???
  2. PancakeWithPotato

    Rage CFG 2018 Rage CFG Virtuosity config for 2019 legacy

    The cheat feels a little weird, and it is a rifk7 paste. It also tries to break lby, but u can do decent with the cheat. The cfg i'm giving out could also be improved by miles.
  3. DrCoomer

    Safe x77 cheats! Master Loser clone! The weirdest 2019 cheat from UC.

    This cheat is basic and only 2 or so features don't work, It's a very fun meme cheat. It does not have Remove Post Processing, the Remove Scope removes the entire scope. The anti-aim will either make them dump or get you resolved 1st shot, it also seems to try and do fake angles but it's broken...
  4. PancakeWithPotato

    Crack Cheats for *2019* CS:GO Onetap V2, Fatality, Rifk7, Eternity.cc, StickRPG

    ---------------- Update: 2022.02.12: -added virtuosity -added nixware ----------------- I'm gonna update this post, with whatever cheat i can get. I'm going to try my best to put all working, safe 2019 cheats here. If you have a cheat, that is not here, and you want it to be posted, feel free to...
  5. PancakeWithPotato

    2018 Rage CFG Rifk7 configs (2019)

    Both configs are rage. Rage is made by me, the other is by someone else. Config location is on the disk your csgo is on. Example: I:\Csgo\2019 <-- my csgo location I: <-- config location.
  6. PancakeWithPotato

    Tutorial Download CS:GO 2019 version

    Tbh, i didnt really know where to post this, so i decided it would kind of fit here. Im going to try to make it as good as @Plisskien 's tutorial for 2018 csgo. First step, as usual, you need to download this game version, here is the link (i recommend downloading it from drive, since its...