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aimware v4

  1. 2018 Rage CFG The best config for aimware v4 (2018 csgo) / self free

    The best config for aimware by yato a.k.a lewonsky (self free(im tired to see proxy retards on servers)) For more information about the config, enter bind and alias in the cheat console (premium antiaims from my clips) clips w/ cfg: View: https://youtu.be/_pvZVqTTlgw?t=50 View...
  2. werty.

    LUA Pack Rage CFG Aimware.net v4 legacy 2018 CFG + LUA

    Aimware.net v4 legacy 2018 CFG + LUA aw v4 loader: https://hackvshack.net/threads/aimware-net-v4-legacy-free.1147/ You can only use copy from clipboard function, with freeed version! Tutorial how to do it!!!