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csgo 2020

  1. Help Can't join servers csgo legacy 2020 "Connection failed after 30 retries."

    Nothing much to add besides this screenshot, tried various servers, my friend could join one of them without any problems, but it doesn't work for me for some reason.
  2. GABBZ

    Safe New RIFK7 for cs2k20

    https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/61c7913099c951f637212ca2c56ad3d3291b98a85993e1d926b18516d9117012 Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. Screenshot of Cheat Menu:
  3. Apache420

    Help Help with 2020 and 2018

    Like a week ago i tried to play csgo 2018 hvh. I downloaded it added it to steam, tried to run it bud it just closed instantly. I tried reinstalling, applying every available fix and then i googled a lot to maybe find some help. After some time I gave up and deleted the game. Today i wanted to...
  4. simv0lofficial

    Source Code supremacy.su for 13764 (august 17 2020) game build

    (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!) ss:
  5. dFL

    Unknown⠀ All 2020 Cheats i have gotten in 2020.

    So, this thread is made for multiple cheats, in 1 place. We'll start with the best and end with the worst! First off, goes weave 2.5. Reason: Has one of the best ideal tick, good double tap and good resolver (prediction kinda sucks) DLL : https://anonfiles.com/l9ueV2b3ze/weave2_52020_dll...
  6. DrCoomer

    Tutorial CS:GO 2020 legacy DOWNLOAD (2023)

    NoSuPeR is the first person to bring 2020 legacy to my attention. If you want to thank anyone then please thank him (don't he has his DMs closed to randoms) The version of this legacy build is the 18th of August 2020, so if you have a source code or a cheat then you can know if it works or not...
  7. DrCoomer

    Tutorial 2020 legacy CS:GO server list! (2023)

    North American Servers: 2020 csgo NA | No AWP | Casual - drcoomer.ddns.net:3451 Owner: Dr_Coomer#2918 Discord server: https://discord.gg/Nd5BH5JJmD (Some dlls/cheats) 2020 csgo NA | Deathmatch - drcoomer.ddns.net:3450 Owner: Dr_Coomer#2918 Discord server: https://discord.gg/Nd5BH5JJmD (Some...
  8. DrCoomer

    Tutorial All well known 2020 csgo servers list!

    NA East Coast | No Awp | !rtd - drcoomer.ddns.net:3450 owner: Dr_Coomer#2918 (thats me :eek:) Discord server: https://discord.gg/MA76JSsms7 [RU]No Public | 2020 MM HVH | More maps | 1 awp - owner: NoSuPeR#5908 Discord server: https://discord.gg/SpGdB5YmEh [RU]No Public |...