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  1. Curse8904


    - Support - Supports All games & Anti-Cheats Temporary spoofer Valorant (BIOS flash required) Apex Fortnite *All win versions Easily bypass your HWID ban or prevent an HWID ban from happening while cheating. Using our Spoofer will cleanup all the required things and EAC leftovers, spoof your...
  2. Jacky

    Safe Remove ban traces, works for eac and be!

    Hello forum, I'm the new moderator null! I decided to post this as my first "post". It's applecleaner beta. You might be asking yourself "why would I need this", well a cleaner cleans the traces left behind by a previous ban. Let's say that I got banned from rust for example, I'd use revo...
  3. sa1fu

    Safe Cleaner

    Virustotal Hello Guys. Have you experienced a ban in the last few weeks, and even with a spoofer you get kicked of your favorite game? Well it's because of traces left into your computer after a ban. This is when you need a software like this; cleaner. It cleans all the left over traces, and...
  4. sa1fu

    Tutorial How to bypass BE

    How to dumb modules: You can use a VM or hypervisor to dump the Battleye module and reverse engineer it. Just remeber that BE does have some emulation detection. Battleye's Components: BEService - Windows service that communicates with BEServer, which provides BEDaisy and BEClient...
  5. sa1fu

    Tutorial How to bypass EAC

    Easy Anti-Cheat: Easy Anti Cheat Capabilities Because EAC is a kernel anti-cheat, it can detect anything and everything. You must load your kernel driver first before the anti-cheat starts to prevent it. Block all interaction with game process Block creation of process handles Scan...