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  1. esefseffr

    Reseller Reselling paid cfgs/luas/js

    I resell paid cfgs from Youtubers such as Bhop, Deadpool, Brandon, Sigma, Daered and Malva. I also resell scripts for Neverlose.cc, Gamesense.pub, Onetap.com, Fatality.win, Nixware.cc and plaguecheat.cc. For more informations about the cfgs and scripts and if you want to buy something contact me...
  2. slimz

    JS Pack Rage CFG Weave 2.5 CFGs and JS

    !NOTICE! Do not run more than one script on weave, or it will say something along the lines of, "missing js.keybinds" many times in your developer console. Configs - Sus-Yaw CFG, Slimz (My personal) CFG Scripts - 4PermaYaw, Sus-Yaw, Wegar-Yaw (all paid) Have fun Weave users! :) -Slimz
  3. Jasmisek

    JS Divine.JS - Onetap V4

    Decided to publish it here (js made by me) Note : Anti-Aim DOESNT WORK! Our discord : https://discord.gg/32Gr5TA4gJ
  4. bye

    JS [otc] 2000+ Scripts | Worth $300+

    Here you have 2000+ scripts for otc, some scripts might be worth more than $50 alone. https://mega.nz/file/WKwyxDYK - Enjoy| Key: IUuZQDVznTvyhCweAhEP16VNhjlmV5xxcrqqZSgc8GM ~ bye
  5. Infinite

    Pro tip for New Hvher that uses Onetap V3

    1) Holding E = disable AA Advantage: Peek Right when hold E can avoid leg aim Disadvantage: Disable AA = ez headshot for enemy 2) Fake Duck Advantage: spamming duck and stand with max fakelag (so you can shoot enemy behind some walls and enemy cannot shoot you) Disadvantage...