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  1. voidzero

    Safe World War 3 Internal cheat (aimbot, esp, flyhack)

    Greetings hvh.net, @trail and i are back with a brand new release for the game WW3 to put the final nail into its coffin. Cheat is undetectable as it stops the game from communicating with the anticheat Gameplay: Small feature list: - Aimbot (FOV, visibility check) (aimbot key = mouse4) -...
  2. voidzero

    Official Download Lambdahook V2 Release

    Greetings Hackvshack.net, After 2 years of development me and Team Lambdahook would like to release our V2 for CSGO. You can find the loader attached below, all you need to do is make sure CSGO is closed and login using your hackvshack.net credentials! New version of lambda is using loader to...
  3. voidzero

    Safe World War 3 Lambdahook External Cheat [ESP & Aimbot] updated 22/1/23

    Greetings hvh.net, after a long time of messing around with this game we ( @trail and i) decided to release our cheat to public, since the game feels unplayable to us at this point. This version is not packed so you can apply any packer you like to prevent MRAC hashing the binary. In order to...