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  1. lexoffpls

    Safe Net legendware v3

    I fixed hideshots, if they are included in others, the version with dt fps drops to 10, no longer drops. The revolver has been greatly changed, completely rewritten. New antiaims, or rather rewritten from ready-made ones that were. rofl: Made all the enemies show you the head, so that you 100%...
  2. Other Is nixware worth it?

    Just wondering if it is worth to buy nixware or should I buy legendware myb?
  3. Plisskien

    Source Code Fixed Legendware V3 SRC 25.01.2022

    Hello, so this is fixed Legendware V3 SRC, with LN menu, have fun :) Download link 22MB https://anonfiles.com/rdS328Dcx5/reallywin_rarware_v3_src_fix_zip
  4. Zumbie

    Source Code Osiris With Aimware Menu Updated!

    (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!) Preview: