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  1. Axeline

    LUA My first Pandora Lua 2018&legacy

    Hi, I'm Zuzie&Axeline, and this is my first Lua for Pandora. It's a very basic Lua that sends a different roundsay each round and a different message each time you kills a player. I hope you like it and I invite you to leave me some suggestions regarding it, whether it's about adding or...
  2. JonJones!

    Help Lua help?

    I am trying to get a working lua system but I got 0 idea how to do it any help?????
  3. FlowoyCT

    Script Dangerous BETA src [NVL.CC]

    The source code of Dangerous.lua (Full recode) lua will be accepted by the administration of neverlose. You will be able to sell it to other users and receive NLE. The price of this pleasure: $50 is possible to bargain Write by contacts: Discord: DeTtorSe#0713 Telegram: @onlyoffsets
  4. FlowoyCT

    Script SINISTER.DEV Neverlose Script

    It's neverlose lua for 0.01 nle with defensive aa & best jitter aa & very good visuals and optimization! > Market 🕶️ https://neverlose.cc/market/item?id=q2QDir > Media 🎩 View: https://youtu.be/C0EHDbssTYA
  5. Demon

    Script neverlose lua(s) ready to paste

    Checkout my forum post -> https://forum.neverlose.cc/t/ready-to-paste-lua-features/342806/6
  6. Le LUA Fatality Lua Deus.ex

    so on my opinion the lua aren't bad but the reason about this got freeed cuz owner scam people alot & paste this lua from other paid luas
  7. MaiyaOnDiscord

    LUA Pandora visuals lua Catboy.lua

    visuals lua for pandora (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!)
  8. Qosp

    Le LUA Fatality Anterra lua

    Fatality HvH lua Enjoy :) (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!)
  9. Demon

    Script Atomyaw [ALPHA] paid lua for neverlose v3.0

    Hello my friend has released a new neverlose lua for nl v3.0 The lua is recommended for the price it is now. (will rise later) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atomyaw Feature list: Conditional AntiAim...
  10. Demon

    Script Sunlight.lua BETA released for neverlose.cc

    So me and my friend just released our lua for neverlose.cc We are soon gonna release a huge uptade with alot of changes / features <3 The lua is still in BETA and will receive uptades once we have time to add things The lua script costs 5 nle / 5€ Sunlight discord: https://discord.gg/XMXwXDcP9b...