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osiris cfg

  1. Plisskien

    Rage CFG Legit CFG Osiris Rage&Legit CFGs Pack by Plisskien

    This is CFG Pack for Osiris by Plisskien, Legit&Rage CFGs ESP Preview: I use Orbitron Regular 400 for this ESP, you can get this font here: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Orbitron Osiris source code: https://github.com/danielkrupinski/Osiris
  2. HyperSonic0

    Rage CFG [Osiris] HVH/Legit Configs.

    Osiris is pretty crappy cheat for rage but if you wanna - you can use this. Name: HVH/LEGIT Type: Config Cheat: Osiris Author: ???