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  1. dFL

    Unknown⠀ All 2020 Cheats i have gotten in 2020.

    So, this thread is made for multiple cheats, in 1 place. We'll start with the best and end with the worst! First off, goes weave 2.5. Reason: Has one of the best ideal tick, good double tap and good resolver (prediction kinda sucks) DLL : https://anonfiles.com/l9ueV2b3ze/weave2_52020_dll...
  2. lakzyhackss

    JS Configur8 otc3 menu color changer (WORKS ONLY ON 2K20 BUILD I THINK!!!!)

    I recomend using extreme injector to inject the addon.dll , after injected load configur8.js and enjoy! https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/62af926be4fef8230c636f869d00f45c75decab1d68de756fc567565fb8cfe21/details Credits to zxsleebu Configur8 telegram: https://t.me/configur8 Configur8 github...
  3. swagxera22

    Unknown⠀ Cra Otc v3 fix update 02.18.2022

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0849279c9ce2144c94e4e8f5ad62912ac893118f445e2b81541b7907c346f101 hello guys, I bring you the new fixed otcv3, use it at your own risk, bye

    ★ OTCv3 - SCOUT GOD - JS + CFG | AGGRESSIVE SCOUT CFG WITH SUPERIOR JS FOR OTC3 ★ saw some guy asking $20 for a OTCv3 config pack so i decided to buy it and check it out, and free it for you guys! it's hackvshack.net exclusive, never seen before! tapping aw, skeet, nl, etc...
  5. JS siecord.js aka 3e absolute garbage

    Here you got script that i paid for it, enjoy it.
  6. Rage CFG my onetap v3 config + js, made in style with skeet

    This onetap v3 config hits p, expect the " resolver ". made with style for skeet. i tried to found an scope javascript but only think i got was siecord.js wich includes more shit then i would like to have. Please dont buy any scripts, or configs. they will be probably any time freeed
  7. PancakeWithPotato

    Pack Zapper.js, cute yaw, and a cool buylog for onetap v3

    3 JS is in this pack (as the title says) 1. Zapper.js by Zapy (he used to have a resolver for otc2, it was really good) 2. Cute Yaw. Pretty solid js 3. Buylog, which prints out buylog in chat. Pretty simple
  8. Infinite

    Pro tip for New Hvher that uses Onetap V3

    1) Holding E = disable AA Advantage: Peek Right when hold E can avoid leg aim Disadvantage: Disable AA = ez headshot for enemy 2) Fake Duck Advantage: spamming duck and stand with max fakelag (so you can shoot enemy behind some walls and enemy cannot shoot you) Disadvantage...