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pandora legacy

  1. MaOS33

    2018 Rage CFG My Config and Lua for Pandora 2018 free

    Somewhat good cfg
  2. vizary

    Pack 2018 Rage CFG Legacy Pandora.gg Vizary Masterpack

    Masterpack contains (config, scripts and hitsound) The best scout configuration on pdr
  3. MamakHvH

    2018 Rage CFG Pandora / Pwndora / Pandora Legacy CFG

  4. MamakHvH

    Le LUA Legacy Pandora.gg / Pwndora.Store / Pandora $DATFAIL.LUA

  5. westworld

    Source Code Cheat full fixed immortal source (no reactions!??!)

    name says it all (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!) the only thing i gatekeeped was the dt and my multipoint system (velocity fix too but i left a good one); add your own!