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  1. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense kitty resolver open source

    Kitty resovler open source Do what u want 🇺🇦
  2. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense Luasense(beta) best aa ever

    Have good custom desync like luasense or advanced #1
  3. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense remap for mirage/overpass/and another map(i forgot)

    Looking pretty good and working without any problems For use u need to go to misc or visual's and search for remap Can be laggy for some time 1-5 second's cuz loading texture's
  4. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense working best custom resolver for skeet Sauronresik

    I remember that i have custom resolver from 2k20 but it's still good for skeet
  5. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense tabsense NIGHTLY freeed by my self

    Best version of tabesense good for playing 2x2 or public/community server's