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  1. Avaks0

    Unknown⠀ primordial cs2 free

    VirusTotal.com Links STEAM.DLL: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1b99971d61db2da657e260e6318c57dce8af89a2ff784e9d30ab244af37fa097 PRIMO.DLL: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e8c1c57f06ce26455fd29ec0bd274b264529730afd8d1cc33abe91bbfd9aeeee Analyze suspicious files to detect types of...
  2. CoTamBobie?

    LUA Eclipse.lua [beta] settings

    My settings for Eclipse.lua [beta]
  3. CoTamBobie?

    LUA Pack Primordial Dumped Workshop Lua Pack

    Dumped Primordial lua pack from workshop :D
  4. lysozyme

    LUA Pack Rage CFG primordial.dev/fun sorted LUAs and CFGs

    hvh cfg for primordial.dev/fun + luas that are sorted by use (visual, AA, misc ect)
  5. dragoos

    Request looking for primordial invite

    im looking for 1 primordial.dev invite im poor i dont have money pls invite me
  6. lakzyhackss

    Info Primordial.dev is discontinued rip(nvm it’s not)

  7. panicspace

     WTS 2 Primordial.dev accounts

    2 Primordial.dev Accounts Only using Verified MM's From OGU.gg OR EpicNpc.com Accepting PayPal > 1% BITCOIN > no fee Haze#3565 Don't Send me a friend request if you're trying to scam or trying to waste my time, I'm not a 2 year old to fall for scams, It's old.
  8. Shizu1337

    Script Private Grenadehelper locations for gamesense

    They also work for any grenadehelper Lua ported of the gamesense grenadehelper. If you want to buy add me on Discord: shizu#8468