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  1. lexoffpls

    Safe Net oxidehook with resolver

    Virus Total link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/16472f6bd226c1cdf724a2c235b372281e3b925ab936c139b6c9f226b1e17aac?nocache=1 read this too: This cheat is exclusively for playing on Valve servers, it's a legit cheat, maybe you can play with it on some community servers. A revolver was added...
  2. lexoffpls

    Safe weave v2 [06.06.2022]

    [06.06.2022] The list of updates will appear when injected into cmd VT SS: ➜ CONFIG LOCATION: "%AppData%\weave v2"
  3. Solitario1504

    Source Code skeet resolver trust me is real XD

    https://github.com/abrn/gamesense.pub hmmmmmm
  4. voidzero

    Source Code Onetap v2 animation layer resolver (spoonfeed / paste ready)

    I've seen this resolver posted all over yougame with users claiming it to be selfcode, it being from gamesense or just completely butchered code. As far as I know onetap v3 does not have this animlayer resolver mode for moving players, the reason for this is unknown but it might be due to...