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  1. lexoffpls


    ru: Привет, конфиг сделан в стиле приватного, закрытого чита gamesense, основной цвет конфига это розовый, потому-что он красиво сочетается с самой игрой, не знаю почему так, но у меня такие ассоциации, в этом конфиге много чего похожего на gamesense, например autopeek, event logs и так далее...
  2. Plisskien

    News New way of infecting computers by LUA scripts!!!

    New way of infecting computers by LUA scripts!!! We have noticed an increased amount of LUA script posts that are infected, we believe there is one person behind this, who used about 10+ different accounts on this forum. This person puts this string at the end of the script source. He calls...
  3. conchotrungcaca

    Pack Rage CFG weave.su configs

    hello here are some cfg Scripts: https://hackvshack.net/threads/weave-su-config.852/ added some config
  4. mildnsj

    JS Rage CFG OTC V3 - Soul HVH Paid cfg (with scripts needed)

    The Soul HVH paid cfg - Ultra V5(With Scripts) Caution: DO NOT CHANGE ANY SCRIPTS NAME, OR IT CAUSES THE SCRIPTS NOT TO LAUNCH, MAKING THE CFG BAD. File below...
  5. mildnsj

    Cra OTC V3

    Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0849279c9ce2144c94e4e8f5ad62912ac893118f445e2b81541b7907c346f101 OTC v3 free, working March 22nd, 2022 Do not use a loader (ex:exloader), instaed use a injector like CSGhost. Screen shot: Put CFGs into /steam/steamapps/common/csgo/ot Put Scripts...
  6. conchotrungcaca

    JS Pack weave.su scripts

    hello here are some js Configs: https://hackvshack.net/threads/weave-su-configs.981/