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Leaguecheats for HL1 Games

Undetected Leaguecheats for HL1 Games 2023-08-23

Undetected - Status of this cheat, marked by the creator!
OS Requirements
Windows 11 , Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Leaguecheats provides cheats for CS:GO, HL2, HL1 games. Our cheats are the least detected from the p2c market, thanks to our advanced security features. Our menu is encrypted even in memory, and each word is decrypted in real time to be printed to the screen only. Our cheat injects around kernel drivers without using any kernel driver or kernel interface at all. Our cheat also evades the trust factor problems by using our own callback engine/framework, which mimics how the game itself would invoke the game APIs. With Leaguecheats, you can play with confidence and skill, without worrying about detection. Try it today and see the difference. Keep in mind that you can always get a red trust factor for aggressive cheating!

Anti-Cheat support:

LeagueCheats Official Detection History:

Supported Games for HL1:
Counter-Strike 1.6 - ✔️
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero - ✔️
Half Life - ✔️
Half Life: Blue Shift - ✔️
Half Life: Opposing Force - ✔️
Half Life: Sven Co-op - ✔️
Half Life: Ricochet - ✔️
Deathmatch Classic - ✔️
Day of Defeat - ✔️(Dlights and Aimbot only)
Team Fortress Classic - ✔️

Counter-Strike 1.6:

Half Life:

Deathmatch Classic:

Day of Defeat:

Team Fortress Classic:
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