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  1. L_auberginee

    Source Code How to make a anti-aim for cs:go latest

    jitter AA, custom pitch
  2. L1N

    Script Pandora.gg lua | Cat-Yaw.dev | Currently the #1 lua alive in pandora

    This lua is one of the most famous luas on pandora.gg Developed by : cat1337#6093 @cat-yaw This lua has two versions Free Version [ Release ] And Debug Version [ BETA PAID ] Its beta version costs 2$ And Now Has a New Reborn Version 4.0 ☆ Rage-Bot : Custom Resolver Anti-Exploit [AX] ☆...
  3. ᴬ ᴸ ᴲ ᵡ ᵪ

    LUA [GS] Enable Roll Angle in Different State [Air/Speed/Stamina]

    *COPIED FROM FORUMS* [ Description ] By using this lua, You are enable to Rolling without affecting your speed velocity as much as possible, and you can customize in what state Rolling is enabled (such as In Air/On Ladders/low speed velocity/stamina, etc.), and it would not affects any antiaim...