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  1. Zordon

    List Free games that you can get vac or game ban in it

    I wanted to make thread with all free games that will give you magic red text under profile when you get banned in that game TF2 CSGO UNTURNED(didn't test but i heard that it shows on profile, correct me if i am wrong) Sven COOP(untested, if you gonna modify game dlls and join vac secured...
  2. Plisskien

    Tutorial How to bypass shadow ban on Call of Duty: Warzone (High ping stuck)

    Just because I stared to cheat in this game again, I had the same problem as always. My game during match search stuck at high ping sth like 330, and I wasn't able to find any game. It started at 69ping, and slowly stick on 330ping, ofc my network connection was ok, I could play any other game...