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Tutorial How to bypass shadow ban on Call of Duty: Warzone (High ping stuck)

I'm not Plisskien
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Just because I stared to cheat in this game again, I had the same problem as always.
My game during match search stuck at high ping sth like 330, and I wasn't able to find any game.
It started at 69ping, and slowly stick on 330ping, ofc my network connection was ok, I could play any other game without any problems.

So how to solve this Call of Duty: Warzone shadow ban?
There are two options that works for me, first one is just to wait a week, always after this period of time I was able to play as normal, but none wants to wait.

Second option is to create a new account, in all my cases it was always working, and I was able to cheat as always :)
But there is one problem, cuz to make new Warzone account, you have to verify your phone number, and it is not to easy.
Unfortunate they ban a lot of temp number providers, and only few works!

Below you have tutorial on how to make new warzone account with temp phone number. (Working 17.06.2022)

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