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  1. LUA Rage CFG My Fav Fatality CFG

    You can use teamskeet lua with this feels really nice!! E for hideshot M5 for Double Tap CAPS foer headshot only M4 for peek assist and min dmg overide ALT for fake duck
  2. Mireczek

    LUA Pack Rage CFG fatality.win free/invited cfg&lua pack

    some paid some own(cfg) lua: ye4-yaw deus.ex beta-shark custom hud custom skybox (u need made by self) codeine magnum-yaw amnestia-system announcer fps-boost icebreak melancholia tagsync teamskeet visual_grenades visual_hitmark
  3. cute

    Rage CFG BEST cfg free lua (NEVERLOSE)

    https://en.neverlose.cc/market/item?id=xsoNVv best cfg free lua
  4. YaYaWhyNot

    LUA Rage CFG $$$ Aimware.net Cfg $$$

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- God Cfg for aimware.net with luas! The config will be updated. Its only testing, and i cant say that this cfg havent got any problems, . Here are the most notable problems...
  5. giperwipe

    Le LUA Rage CFG fatality.win cfg+lua

    green cfg good settings ss: sorry, turn off pc(( good luck!