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  1. uwukson

    Source Code synchronization of the clantag like in the gamesense

    the code is written for airflow v1 int iter = 0; std::string last_tag = (""); void c_utils::clantag() { if (!g_ctx.local) return; auto set_clan_tag = [](const char* tag, const char* name) { static auto fn = patterns::clantag.as< void(__fastcall*)(const...
  2. sonsi

    Source Code gamesense/skeet clantag (syncs with the real one)

    DISCLAIMERS - Yes it syncs with the real gamesense/skeet clantag. - There is only 1 problem and its when the match ends the clantag stops syncing idk why. - This was obtained by dumping a part of gamesense/skeet (not my credits). - This will need to be changed from cheat to cheat because this...