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  1. x27_index

    Help How do you break LC?

    I am kinda new to coding cheats and I am trying to make a decent in air aa, I don't know how to break lc in air tho. If anyone has any other methods except fakelag please tell me. I tried to find some posts about this topic on other sites but I couldn't find anything, help would be appreciated...
  2. Other Beginner Coder Questions

    Just in the last couple weeks started to pick up C++, and in turn I'm trying to find forums, github code etc to look through and practice on when I can. Mainly because I've always had a fascination with not just coding but hacks specifically. Something about the battle of dev vs dev, AC vs...
  3. Jasmisek

    Coder Jasmisek's services

    👋 Greetings! I'm Jasmisek and I'm excited to announce the launch of my 🧑‍💻coding services server. 🚀 I offer a range of high-quality services to my valued clients, including but not limited to: 📱 Creation of C++ and C# applications, 🔙 Back-end development with JS/TS, 🤖 Development of...