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  1. LeoOnLSD

    Pack Semi-Rage CFG Legit CFG trages Novoline Crack Configs

    Hello i Just wanted to post configs for Novoline for me its too hard to config maybe my Config comming soon :D
  2. LeoOnLSD

    2018 Rage CFG Onetap.su legacy Test HvH CFG

    Hello, I have a config for 2k18 Onetap V2 based on skeet visuals , enemy settings self setting is light purple xD Important: This is a test config I only tested and created it against bots, I didn't play HvH and that's why I have no idea how it is against dopium or other cheats is. I also...
  3. LeoOnLSD

    Semi-Rage CFG [Test] c0dein.tk Config

    cfg folder: C:\codein.tk hey I created a config for codein cheat if there is a config error it is a TEST config it's not my problem