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  1. Fizzy

    2018 Rage CFG Poophack cfg by Fizzy

    Config location: C:\Poophack V4 Media:
  2. MaOS33

    2018 Rage CFG My Config and Lua for Pandora 2018 free

    Somewhat good cfg
  3. ryanoutcome

    2018 Rage CFG Onetap Green Config (+skins)

    Directly(ish) upgraded version of this config I released a few months back however since anonfile died and that config was lost I decided to release my updated version with an updated assortment of skins as well. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!)
  4. Request gamesense hvh config?

    hello, ive been trying to find a hvh config for gamesense, i tried config-ing one but idk how to and im new to cheating. thanks in advanced
  5. YaYaWhyNot

    LUA Rage CFG $$$ Aimware.net Cfg $$$

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- God Cfg for aimware.net with luas! The config will be updated. Its only testing, and i cant say that this cfg havent got any problems, . Here are the most notable problems...
  6. ryanoutcome

    2018 Rage CFG OT Green Config & Skins

    Everyone on 2018 HVH is toxic as oh no so I hope that releasing an actual quality config will change it some. I'd like to hear any suggestions on improving the AA and Auto settings <3 (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!)
  7. CataLEAN

    Media I am back! ft LambdaHook v2

    My new hvh highlights after a pause of about 2 years. Enjoy! +free config in video description
  8. CataLEAN

    Rage CFG CataLEAN's HvH LambdaHook V2 CFG

    CataLEAN's HvH LambdaHook V2 CFG CFG Location: %appdata%/lambdahook Showcase:
  9. LUA Rage CFG p100 Rawetrip Config + Lua

    So here is my p100 Rawetrip Config that includes divine.lua v3 Paste the rawetripp folder to: C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming
  10. IAmNelson

    Safe Better Supremacy V2 AKA Supremacy.oh no!

    VirusTotal.com Lin: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/68564afbff57b72f3c02d452be43e2cf816ca9a8fbd9fa675c57f3b58cce3592?nocache=1 Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. Screenshot of Cheat Menu: Skeet.idb CFG Path: Documents improved alot of shit, go try it out. gonna roll out...
  11. IAmNelson

    Safe Better Supremacy.oh no

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b3ef50f25e99f93b06c516868af0fe31388256f6ec5812adfaf454eb5a1e6c28 Screenshot of Cheat Menu: Supremacy Menu CFG Path: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\user tbh this shit ain't bad, It's just default supremacy with a little bit of fixes, Better...
  12. lexoffpls


    ru: Привет, конфиг сделан в стиле приватного, закрытого чита gamesense, основной цвет конфига это розовый, потому-что он красиво сочетается с самой игрой, не знаю почему так, но у меня такие ассоциации, в этом конфиге много чего похожего на gamesense, например autopeek, event logs и так далее...
  13. LeoOnLSD

    Pack Semi-Rage CFG Legit CFG trages Novoline Configs

    Hello i Just wanted to post configs for Novoline for me its too hard to config maybe my Config comming soon :D
  14. LeoOnLSD

    2018 Rage CFG Onetap.su legacy Test HvH CFG

    Hello, I have a config for 2k18 Onetap V2 based on skeet visuals , enemy settings self setting is light purple xD Important: This is a test config I only tested and created it against bots, I didn't play HvH and that's why I have no idea how it is against dopium or other cheats is. I also...
  15. LeoOnLSD

    Semi-Rage CFG [Test] c0dein.tk Config

    cfg folder: C:\codein.tk hey I created a config for codein cheat if there is a config error it is a TEST config it's not my problem