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  1. Cool_

    Help What is HackvsHack file password?

    What is HackvsHack file password?
  2. @ElmarGeySosatS

    Help When people and I play on my server, the game crashes at a random moment. What should I do??? 21.1.2016 ver

    The situation is like this, a person or I'm playing on the server, I'm playing And BAM crashes just at a random moment and moreover, everyone has it on my two servers (2x2 and public) please tell me what to do with it???
  3. lolli

    Help Whats the best hvh cheat without inv

    I want to buy a csgo hvh cheat but i dont know what cheat. pls help
  4. Source Code Help with sup paste

    I need help with a couple things. Spoon feed me code pls and ty. 1) How do I fix ping spike breaking my game (no sound, no kill feed, no chat etc) 2) How do I fix dt players animations 3) How to fix animations when dead (enemies walking on the spot) I've searched everywhere for fixes but I...