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  1. krawat

    Request Looking for the airflow su docs / lua api

    I'm looking for someone with saved version of airflow su api. Wayback machine ain't of no help. Maybe some1 has saved it locally if yes please share. :)
  2. Jprefect

    Request YouTube request

    I know this is not the best topic to request, or question about. But does anyone know how to strike hvh videos? I used to strike a few but those methods are now outdated so they are not working 😂. For every answer in comment or ds: prefecthallo
  3. GsUser69

    Request Best 2k18 cheat as of right now?

    what yall think is the best 2k18 hvh cheat rn? free, paid and private
  4. Other Whats causing the red trust issue?

    This question is not about a specific module. It is about which method triggers red trust, is it RPM and WPM or what is it? I left the CS cheating scene about 2 years ago and am now back in it. Is it something like VMT Hooking or what is the point that triggers Red Trust?
  5. Request gamesense hvh config?

    hello, ive been trying to find a hvh config for gamesense, i tried config-ing one but idk how to and im new to cheating. thanks in advanced