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  1. VzxHVH1

    Source Code Cheat bad person Hook shit source

    So i was working for a guy that had a cheat called hitlerhook 💀 he wanted to try my cheat and when i send it to him he thought it was a rat then he blocked me and left me with source so when not free it?
  2. An0mXD

    Source Code Exploit How to insert a RAT into a LUA Script

    I think everyone knows about this but i will still share it here. this is how you Insert a RAT insto a lua script for any csgo/cs2 cheat. You can create a Lua RAT for every cheat what has Lua API or the API allows shell ext. ffi.cdef[[ typedef int(__thiscall*...
  3. CyreZz

    Info t.me/lpsopg probably a rat

    Firstly im not 100% sure he is sending rats but today after downloading "fully undetected cs2 external" i saw something weird after open the .exe file my windows start asking for administration permission for process edge.exe when i click see more this file was in temp when i make scan this file...
  4. Plisskien

    News New way of infecting computers by LUA scripts!!!

    New way of infecting computers by LUA scripts!!! We have noticed an increased amount of LUA script posts that are infected, we believe there is one person behind this, who used about 10+ different accounts on this forum. This person puts this string at the end of the script source. He calls...