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  1. 死神_Ria$

    Request How 2 Play CSGO in a VM

    Hello, I'm wondering how to play CSGO in a VM? who knows who I am using VMware workstation 16 Pro and I would like to test every cheat without having it rated/Bitcoin Miner on my main PC :D there are also videos that show csgo from a VM... [Here] WMware Thread...
  2. LeoOnLSD

    Safe VMware Workstation Pro 2k22

    Hello Everyone Welcome to The VMWare Workstation Pro 16 free :) Its A Tool for VMs and testing Rats or Miner xDD You Need: 8GB+ Ram 4 Core CPU 2GB Hard Drive Space (Install) Decryption key: QqF3O4rzjUCZEVtB6nG64Q Download: https://mega.nz/folder/195SxIhb#QqF3O4rzjUCZEVtB6nG64Q Isos Get...