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LUA [drown.pw] drown.lua, a multi-lua (active updates) (I take suggestions)

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drown.pw is a private legit/movement cheat with (in my opinion) one of the best edge bugs ever. Drown.lua is a (mostly pasted) lua for drown.pw, it has quite a few features and soon more to come. I would love suggestions on what to add and I will be doing semi active updates when ever I have a thing to add.
Features: (be sure to disable the in cheat watermark)

EB counter

chat on EB

rude chat on EB

clear chat on EB

quit on EB
Only known issue is unloading will crash you, but why unload it when its the perfect lua? :)

Please give me suggestions though, I need things to add.


  • drown.lua
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