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Tutorial How to get invitation key for private cheat

I'm not Plisskien
User ID
Here I want to explain, very common problem "How to get inv key for cheats like skeet, fatality, etc..."

Solution is very simple, the best idea is to make any friends.
Just join any active discord server about cheating content, and ask anybody, about legit, or hvh mm, so simple...
In this way you will meet for sure few people which are belongs to private cheat community.

If you think, that anybody who is willing to sell any invitation key is legit, then remember in which community you are.
Basically, 99% of people who are saying something about selling invitation key are scammers!
The easiest way to scam small kids...

Ok, so maybe you were a lucky guy, and person who was selling it, wasn't a scammer, ngl you are very lucky...
Then don't forget that, almost every cheat provider, ban selling invitation key...
So if you will flex about your new cheat, then you have to be very careful.
Don't forget that person from with you bought it, will sell many more inv keys,
then this person will be banned very soon, this is just a matter of time...
After your seller ban, you can just guess on with day your account will be banned too...

Conclusions, the best way to get any invitation key for any private cheat,
is to make any friends, or even try to be an important part of any cool project in our community.
Then this is just a matter of time. After, people will start to dming you.

For example, I have a small yt channel, with 3k subscribers, from time to time, I'll upload random vid.
Just cuz of it, many people were dming me, and asking if I want any inv key...
I got propositions to get fatality inv, ev0lve inv (when it was still for inv key) or even mutiny inv, and many other weird private projects keys...
But no one besides one scammer was proposing inv key for gamesense AKA skeet :(

I hope in this short tutorial, I was able to explain how this thing this is working, in our beautiful non-toxic community!
If you have any question, write below, I would be happy to respond :p

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