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  1. encrypted

    Info What are steam modules?

    So, i was listing today at the forums of hackvshack and i saw a post which can be found here. So let's deeply explain steam modules. Steam modules are used to allocate the hack's memory, modules have been known in game hacking for years, so, what are they? Steam modules in the context of game...
  2. Jprefect

    Other CSGO, CS2 cheats, configs, tournaments, gw

    Discord server: - CSGO HvH tournament - Giveaways - GameSense, Neverlose config - Anti-Aim settings - In-Future CS2 external, and configs - Other cheat configs incoming - More updates and news in discord: Discord server link
  3. Request Maybe teach me?

    Is there anyone who could teach me how to HvH in CS:GO because i am pretty bad and would love to learn how to play. If you are interested, DM me on Discord. Name: andrewthwguy
  4. CENKy

    Other 2k23 legacy

    I feel like a lot of people including me will quit hvh when cs2 comes out because of how shit HvH will be so I kind of wanna save 2k23 like 2k18 so when cs2 comes out is there going to be a legacy version? like 2k18?
  5. Jprefect

    Reseller Prefect Resell service

    Neverlose: en.neverlose.cc NLE resell Price: 1-10 NLE: 5 euro 11-25 NLE: 6 euro 26-48 NLE: 8 euro 49-100 NLE: 12 euro Underical: https://underical.cc/ Underical resell service: Fatality: 8.5 $ Legions: 7.5 $ Primordial: 12.5 $ Primordial Beta: 20 $ Payment methods: Thought Sellix (For...
  6. Undetected Leaguecheats for CS:GO 3.5

    Leaguecheats provides cheats for CS:GO, HL2, HL1 games. Our cheats are the least detected from the p2c market, thanks to our advanced security features. Our menu is encrypted even in memory, and each word is decrypted in real time to be printed to the screen only. Our cheat injects around kernel...
  7. Plisskien

    Safe BetterOsiris supreme HvH cheat (no cap) 🚀🔥

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4fc804da0fd82c8d9a775e5f7b4f32bedb30fc87a8ded2ae3b4e9dcc1050293a Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. Screenshot of Cheat Menu: CFG Path: Documents\Osiris Guys I know, you might think that Osiris can't be good for HvH...
  8. Info Proper weather from onetap and saturn source code free

    https://anonfiles.com/R2L1P107z2/2020_CSGO_rar - saturn source https://anonfiles.com/S8S4O70azf/rain_zip - ot rain freeed by illicit#3234
  9. SteamGen

    Tutorial Method to get almost free CSGO skins!

    Yo, wussup so as we know getting csgo skins costs money, but there is a way to get them for free by using keydrop! GUIDE INDEX - Setup - Tools - Instructions (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!) (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!) (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!)
  10. L_auberginee

    Source Code How to make a anti-aim for cs:go latest

    jitter AA, custom pitch
  11. L_auberginee

    Help Luckycharms Loader crashing

    the loader appearing then, a few second later,whitout touching anything it's closes whitout error messages idk why
  12. Zordon

    List Free games that you can get vac or game ban in it

    I wanted to make thread with all free games that will give you magic red text under profile when you get banned in that game TF2 CSGO UNTURNED(didn't test but i heard that it shows on profile, correct me if i am wrong) Sven COOP(untested, if you gonna modify game dlls and join vac secured...
  13. gravel

    Unknown⠀ Puzzle Ins0mnia.gg V2.0.0.6 - Free CS:GO Software

    VirusTotal.com Link: click Screenshot of Cheat Menu: CFG Path: C:\Users\Gravel\Documents\Ins0mnia
  14. Plisskien

    Tutorial How to inject steam.dll/module.dll to steam, and inject cheat to CSGO

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lbrl50EbPE&lc
  15. Moriarty1667

    Coder Lua coder

    I write custom scripts for your needs link: Moriarty#7334 / moriarty1667 (tg) portfolio: dangerous, toretto.yaw, luftwaffe and etc screenshots of some of my work:
  16. L_auberginee

    Help how to login into lambdahook

    I have created my hvh.net profile with google
  17. 13377

    Request help me... gamesense invite if possible?

    i'm tired of getting stomped would really apreciate invite if possible from you community!<3
  18. lakzyhackss

    Safe Cra PlagueCheat V5 owned already xDxDxD

    VirusTotal.com Link: Steam Module : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/360d8592a535edab593a7adb7cf6a4c765f224fb8390dfab080d347ad3510ee8 Plague Dll : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/07ab8c7c9659dfc3b5085cd541661623b069ec23c0729d031772f7acec3cbf1f Screenshot of Cheat Menu...
  19. TomiHVH

    Safe cs2 hack(wh) by yesn't#3662

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4fc5b4fc1b93c09df4fe914fe489c95057e51c39ca7e0e5be7b4fa4589c93137 Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. Screenshot of Cheat Menu: CFG Path: no cfg (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!)
  20. jacuzzi

    Safe Net Gauss.LTD | BEST LW3 PASTE

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/YjJjNjRkZDQ3OWY4N2IyNzlhN2M5MDRmYWQxMTVlZDU6MTY3NjA4NjMxOQ== Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. Screenshot of Cheat Menu: CFG Path: theres a button in the cheat DISCORD https://discord.gg/bSGCVZT7Qa DIRECT...