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fortnite skin changer

  1. Stezix

    Safe Net Saturn Swapper

    - Fortnite skin changer/swapper - Undetected VirusTotal.com Link (Saturn.exe): https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6019cc71dec1bd065f39f4e6489a19f8a52c2ed3eec117d1820310536479c309 Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. Github: https://github.com/Tamely/SaturnSwapper Download...
  2. Stezix

    Unknown⠀ Net Galaxy Swapper v2

    Before all I want to say I used this skin changer/swapper for half of year and nothing happend & I doesn't get banned, but I used it last year, so beetwen year from my last use they made new Discord server and fully updated Galaxy Swapper v2, so I would like to know does is it safe and I would...