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  1. krawat

    Request Looking for the airflow su docs / lua api

    I'm looking for someone with saved version of airflow su api. Wayback machine ain't of no help. Maybe some1 has saved it locally if yes please share. :)
  2. bozoslayer47

    Source Code Supremacy Crashing [DEX Base]

    Hello, does anyone know why the base supremacy by dex, crashes? If I'm not completely wrong isn't it something related to "VS Redists?" It only crashes sometimes, and it will everntually randomly fix itself?
  3. bozoslayer47

    Request [HELP] Server Version 659 (Legacy)

    Hello, does anyone know where you can find the server files for 2018 build 659?
  4. wabloz

    Request Community servers Problem

    Hello I hope you are well. I am quite new to hvh (not new per se but since February 2023 I stopped following hvh and its community) and I want to play csgo servers that I see can continue to be played and there are some old cheats working, but when I want to enter When I play on the servers I...
  5. x27_index

    Help How do you break LC?

    I am kinda new to coding cheats and I am trying to make a decent in air aa, I don't know how to break lc in air tho. If anyone has any other methods except fakelag please tell me. I tried to find some posts about this topic on other sites but I couldn't find anything, help would be appreciated...
  6. Help I cant access underical.cc

    Idk if its just me, but whenever I try to go to the skeet free website, underical.cc it says This site can’t be reached. I visited the site before, made an accout but didnt purchase any sub
  7. sneek

    Help Pandora free

    I played HvH recently and someone recomended me to use the new Pandora free (Pandora free by Pinkking). I tried, but it always crashes instantly. So i tried another injector but it still crashes. The Injectors I tried: ExtremeInjector, Xenos, SazInjector, Couinjector.... And yes i HAVE...
  8. Help Help! Old weapon sounds with migi making weird ass sounds!

    Hey, so I wanted to play legacy hvh with old weapon sounds, so I got migi and installed the old sounds, then started playing and noticed that the sounds were in fact the old ones but for example when stabbing air with a knife it makes very very weird, distorted sounds, so I'm just wondering if...
  9. Raesky

    Other Password

    when i try to download some cheat or whatever i need a password
  10. geborugu123

    Request I need any invite somone can give?

    I need a invite any cheat i just want one if anyone can give i gonna really happy.
  11. geborugu123

    Help How can I get any invites?

    How can i get any invites i need get one but i cant figure out how to get one
  12. netvar

    Help Need Help with Map Files in 2018 CS:GO

    Does Somebody have the Map Files for de_aztec and de_dust? i require these to play on dick kickem's hvh server and the server files don't install them, nor are they pre-installed on the 2018 csgo version on this forum. if anyone could provide me with them then it would mean alot, thank you!
  13. Help Pls fix My source code Pandora for legacy

    Pls fix My source code Pandora for legacy donwload src pandora : https://anonfiles.com/zcx4e8f5y7/immortal_source_leak_3_rar
  14. deanzz

    Source Code Does anyone have a update/fixed Absend.space source?

    Does anyone have a update/fixed Absend.space source if so please send it in the forum or my discord 𝙳𝚎𝚊𝚗#1337 thanks!
  15. Source Code Help me fix these errors

    I started coding this lwv3 paste on my old windows, i reseted it, but wheni downloaded the source code again, it gives me many errors These are not all of the errors