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  1. lexoffpls

    Risk Net Puzzle Cra AURORA PRIVATE (23.07.2022)

    The free of the private version of aurora is absolutely free :D, it should be run by absolutely everyone and in order not to cry, watch the video tutorial, configs in the free do not work, because they must be in the cloud. If you need help with this cheat, write to me in telegram. download...
  2. lexoffpls

    Safe Net Cra Sunset.com v3

    Hi guys, this is the new version of Sunset, which was previously sold, now you can play with it completely for free. Also, in order for the configs to work, you need to move the "sunset" folder to "common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive", it should be like this: "common\Counter-Strike Global...
  3. lexoffpls

    Safe FLOWERWARE - HVH SOFTWARE [14.07.22]

    FLOWERFLOW - FREE CS:GO CHEAT OPEN BETA TEST A free cheat, for the source of which the recent fix festive from shonax was taken, the cheat is written on the basis of zeeron, I will also mention that I will not be able to write the skin of the cheat for a long time and I will not be able to write...
  4. lexoffpls

    Safe Net GoodTap.PW Fixed 30.06.2022

    Download Cheat | VirusTotal My Injector | Virustotal Fixed Source Skeet Menu:
  5. lexoffpls

    Safe festive.tech

    Download DLL | VirusTotal
  6. lexoffpls


    DOWNLOAD | VIRUSTOTAL meme 1 meme 2 meme 3
  7. lexoffpls

    Safe millionware v3

    full fixed and worked$$ Download | Virustotal
  8. lexoffpls

    Safe babyborn

    This is a new cheat on pandora sources DOWNLOAD | VIRUSTOTAL Source: https://mega.nz/file/meQkFDha Decription key: nxsQ2Xs4_GD2sH9xripp-IsB1u9tAVK-RkLUpZcTgdA
  9. lexoffpls

    Safe Net legendware v3

    I fixed hideshots, if they are included in others, the version with dt fps drops to 10, no longer drops. The revolver has been greatly changed, completely rewritten. New antiaims, or rather rewritten from ready-made ones that were. rofl: Made all the enemies show you the head, so that you 100%...
  10. lexoffpls

    Safe PANDORA V3

    Fixed by Shonax DOWNLOAD | VirusTotal | Source Code Decryption key src: 9n7kbLGMEv_rWvjIE6_XdZGwR8xLaHxp6PH4yeeLiPI
  11. lexoffpls

    Safe Net oxidehook with resolver

    Virus Total link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/16472f6bd226c1cdf724a2c235b372281e3b925ab936c139b6c9f226b1e17aac?nocache=1 read this too: This cheat is exclusively for playing on Valve servers, it's a legit cheat, maybe you can play with it on some community servers. A revolver was added...
  12. lexoffpls

    Safe SUNSET aka paste with the skeet 2019 menu.

    the person asked to send this cheat, decided to create a theme. VIRUSTOTAL
  13. lexoffpls

    Safe SUPREMACY fixed for csgo 2022

    This is the fixed version of Supremacy 2019 for the new version of the game! DOWNLOAD | VIRUSTOTAL
  14. lexoffpls

    Safe luxeware [fix + update]

    This is not a bad movement cheat, salt cool config with skins for a rng for 15 likes DW | VT