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  1. Other Whats causing the red trust issue?

    This question is not about a specific module. It is about which method triggers red trust, is it RPM and WPM or what is it? I left the CS cheating scene about 2 years ago and am now back in it. Is it something like VMT Hooking or what is the point that triggers Red Trust?
  2. ARusty

    Request When will the https certificate be updated?

    i just think id make the site a little less sketchy to new users
  3. Other Beginner Coder Questions

    Just in the last couple weeks started to pick up C++, and in turn I'm trying to find forums, github code etc to look through and practice on when I can. Mainly because I've always had a fascination with not just coding but hacks specifically. Something about the battle of dev vs dev, AC vs...