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  1. kys

    Info biggest exit scam/profit

  2. Jprefect

    Info neverlose lua rat

    Everyone know this but I post it. So there is new lua frees, like ls free, acidtech free, chimera free. etc-etc. I will not create 500 line post because of this, but all of the luas are pasted from testarossa. It downloads most likely a vmp protected exe file which is a dc rat. It downloads...
  3. Jprefect

    Info Crystal.lol ( no ad) is a RAT

    So there's a new cheat called crystal (no ad). A few theroies is going around them, like: Its being a rat, malware, stealer. I didn't belive that until I ran their loader. When I started the loader a cmd pop up, and discord sent a notify of being logged in from an other location. I thought that...
  4. MonsterBBC

    Info Intoku.pw Rat!!!

    Intoku.pw is a Onetap "Dump". It should look like this: The thing about the video where i got the Screenshot from is that he not moved the menu. My little sister could edit smth like this. I was like "oh no it" ill try it. Then i started the loader put in my Credentials. After like 5 seconds...