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  1. PhoenixHack

    Undetected Buy Wh-Satano Private Rust Multihack [Aim ESP Exploits] +Spoofer 2023-07-09

    Status: UNDETECTED. OC: Windows 10(20h1, 20h2, 21h1, 21h2) Supports all CPUs and GPUs. The product is optimized and will not affect your FPS. Client: Steam. This cheat is something unusual in our assortment. This time we decided to go beyond legit software and release an unusual multifunctional...
  2. PhoenixHack

    Undetected Phoenix Rust Macro - Best Safe No Recoil Script - UD + Spoofer 2023-04-05

    OC:Windows 10, Windows 11 CPU: Amd & Intel. GPU: NVidia & AMD. Platform: Steam, Non-Steam(Pirate) Status: Undetected. When you buy a Phoenix Macros for Rust, we also give you a Phoenix Spoofer for free. If you are looking for a safe Rust software, then you have found it in this thread...
  3. ./.

    Safe Rust cheeto pack :D

    Rust hack pack, i main superiority Notes/status Gang.tech is kind of dtc but not fully superiority: working great csgo.dll: never used got it from friend novazbesting: never used got it from friend config pack for superiority: Both of them use silent aim and esp since i use freeed rust and the...
  4. JNS56432

    Help question

    hello so I know that you need a new steam account with rust but after I spoof myself but esque he ban ip or other ???
  5. comp

    Safe Rust Cleaner

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/41fa7137a645326ad4dbcc6c04f45ba5227688f671dcda19a9cd9ce7ed938288?nocache=1 Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. THIS CLEANER ISNT MINE NEITHER I MADE IT ALL CREDITS TO BANNEDCHEATS DISCORD.GG/BANNEDCHEATS apparently it...
  6. sa1fu

    Tutorial How to bypass EAC

    Easy Anti-Cheat: Easy Anti Cheat Capabilities Because EAC is a kernel anti-cheat, it can detect anything and everything. You must load your kernel driver first before the anti-cheat starts to prevent it. Block all interaction with game process Block creation of process handles Scan...