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  1. PhoenixHack

    Undetected Buy Wh-Satano Private Rust Multihack [Aim ESP Exploits] +Spoofer 2023-07-09

    Status: UNDETECTED. OC: Windows 10, Windows 11 Supports INTEL, AMD CPU. The product is optimized and will not affect your FPS. Client: Steam. This cheat is something unusual in our assortment. This time we decided to go beyond legit software and release an unusual multifunctional Rage cheat for...
  2. PhoenixHack

    Undetected Phoenix Rust Macro - Best Safe No Recoil Script - UD + Spoofer 2023-04-05

    OC:Windows 10, Windows 11 CPU: Amd & Intel. GPU: NVidia & AMD. Platform: Steam, Non-Steam(Pirate) Status: Undetected. When you buy a Phoenix Macros for Rust, we also give you a Phoenix Spoofer for free. If you are looking for a safe Rust software, then you have found it in this thread...
  3. ./.

    Safe Rust cheeto pack :D

    Rust hack pack, i main superiority Notes/status Gang.tech is kind of dtc but not fully superiority: working great csgo.dll: never used got it from friend novazbesting: never used got it from friend config pack for superiority: Both of them use silent aim and esp since i use freeed rust and the...
  4. JNS56432

    Help question

    hello so I know that you need a new steam account with rust but after I spoof myself but esque he ban ip or other ???
  5. comp

    Safe Rust Cleaner

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/41fa7137a645326ad4dbcc6c04f45ba5227688f671dcda19a9cd9ce7ed938288?nocache=1 Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. THIS CLEANER ISNT MINE NEITHER I MADE IT ALL CREDITS TO BANNEDCHEATS DISCORD.GG/BANNEDCHEATS apparently it...