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Buy Wh-Satano Private Rust Multihack [Aim ESP Exploits] +Spoofer

Undetected Buy Wh-Satano Private Rust Multihack [Aim ESP Exploits] +Spoofer 2023-07-09

Undetected - Status of this cheat, marked by the creator!
OS Requirements
Windows 10, Windows 11
Hardware Requirements
Processor: Intel & AMD, Video card: Nvidia & AMD

OC: Windows 10, Windows 11
Supports INTEL, AMD CPU.
The product is optimized and will not affect your FPS.

Client: Steam.

This cheat is something unusual in our assortment. This time we decided to go beyond legit software and release an unusual multifunctional Rage cheat for Rust. The hack includes Silent Aimbot, WH with a lot of settings and a huge number of exploits for complete fun when playing with a cheat. When buying this product, you can get our spoofer for free, so you will not get an HWID ban. Despite all its "rage" cheat, it is done quite well and the risk of a ban is minimal. We can talk about this cheat for a long time, so it will be easier for you to watch the video or read the full list of features below. And it will be even easier to buy this software and go to test all the features in the game!

🔥 the main advantages of the cheat 🔥
✅ Allows you to walk on water✅
✅ Eyes Manipulation - allows you to safely shoot from cover ✅
✅ Safe Mode - for maximum account security✅
✅ Debug camera for free flights on the map ✅
✅ StreamProof✅


AIMBOTPlayer ESPLoot ESPOther ESPMovement Exploits
  • Aimbot
  • Vector
  • Silent
  • Aimkey
  • Bone
  • Random Bone
  • FOV
  • Draw FOV
  • Aim Line
  • Prediction
  • Auto Fire
  • Aim At NPC
  • Distance
  • Smooth
  • Recoil Control System (RCS)
  • Player ESP
  • Box ESP
  • Box Type
  • Sleepers
  • Team Check
  • NPC
  • Visible Check
  • Custom Distance
  • Custom Colors
  • Barrels
  • Crates
  • Ores
  • Hemp
  • Backpack
  • Corpse
  • Dropped Weapons
  • Custom Distance
  • Custom Colors
  • Events
  • Waypoints
  • Explosions
  • Cupboard
  • Rich Bases
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Minicopters
  • Boats
  • Chests
  • Traps
  • Animals
  • Custom Distance
  • Custom Colors
  • Fake Lag
  • No Fall Damage
  • Silent Walk
  • High Jump
  • Infinite Jump
  • Spiderman
  • Freecam(Debug Camera)
Weapon Exploits
Main ExploitsExtra Features
  • Instant EOKA
  • Instant Compound
  • Aim Reload Snipers
  • Auto Semi-Auto
  • ByPass Item Wield
  • Long Melee
  • Fast Melee
  • Recoil Control System
  • Show Exploits
  • Draw FlyHack
  • Fake Admin
  • Bright Night
  • Clear Water
  • Fast Inventory
  • Fast Revive
  • Fast Syringe
  • Eyes Manipulation
  • Safe Mode
  • Watermark
  • Crosshair
  • StreamProof
  • Spoofer
  • Full External









Buy: On Our Website
Instant delivery after purchase

3 Day - $15
7 Days - $30
30 Days - $70

Waiting for your purchases and reviews!

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