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  1. Plisskien

    Tutorial How to pack EXE or DLL file, and why?

    Hello hvh.net, In this simple tutorial, I will show how to pack EXE, and DLL files, and explain why you should do it. Keep in mind that this tutorial is not on how to make your great C# loader unbreakable, main purpose of this thread is a bit different. Why would you pack your file? Firstly...
  2. phonedestroyer1

    Source Code Exploit dumper c++ (VMP and others) + keyauth emulator

    its my paste but working really good akeroy#3020 / akeroy#8336 how to use / only for pepsi-dumper vt 1 vt 2
  3. rrhyast

    Safe Cra VMProtect Ultimate 3.8.1 Updated 10.03.2023

    The latest freeed version of the VMProtect is finally here! (outside the China for the first time) What is VMProtect? VMProtect protects code by executing it on a virtual machine with non-standard architecture that makes it extremely difficult to analyze and free the software. Besides that...
  4. Plisskien

    Safe VMProtect ULTIMATE V 3.4.0 Free Download

    VMProtect ULTIMATE V 3.4.0 VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c1845f210a3a851c5fc44d575ae9cf5c9247b861f1621216c9edf6a51a056b50 User Interface: Download https://anonfiles.com/T57cv5v2u6 New Nersion: https://hackvshack.net/threads/vmprotect-ultimate-3-6-0-1416.1547/