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Safe [HQ] BananaShooters Cheat | Magic Bullet, Infinite Glow, Fly & More

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BananaShooters Cheat
Superior Banana Shooters Cheat

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install tutorial:
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Banana Shooter\Banana Shooter_Data\Managed [or where ever you have the game installed]
Drag and drop the Assembly-CSharp.dll provided into the folder

Features List:
Slow Bullet [This is on by default if you want to change go into dnspy, then go to bullet, then line 13. Change that to what ever speed you want]
No Friction [Removes friction from floors]
Infinite jump [Fly, hold space]
magic bullet [shoot anywhere, kill players, profit]
infinite glow [if someone kills you they will always have a glow]
No recoil [when you shoot gun doesnt have recoil]
Kill while dead [ When dead you can still shoot ]
Clantag [ Cool clantag on tab ]
Force Glow [When someone kills you, they will glow until game is over]

FPS Spoofer [Multiplies your fps]
AntiCheat Bypass [ Anti-Kick & ban ]
Force WR Any %
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ill work on this cheat at a later date, for now i'm bored.
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