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  1. Plisskien

    Safe Crack Aimware.net V4 Legacy Crack

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c71b15e82fbe59a23d432fd96226ca5df71e7b407ff9b50f06a4be3b0b3c84e8 Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. Screenshot of Cheat Menu: How to run aw crack: 1. run 'aimware v4 legacy crack.exe' as administrator! 2. run csgo...
  2. Lying

    LUA Lua loader v2 | (800+ scripts)

    It's basically a lua to load/download luas from aimware's website directly from in-game. For all the lazy people like me. Credit: Chicken4676 (From the aimware forum)
  3. DrCoomer

    LUA Aimware.net legacy Lua dmg override!

    This is a pasted AIMWARE.net min damage override Lua I made. It's hella scuffed but it works as intended. You can only override your dmg on a few weapons, here is a list: Auto, Heavy Pistol, Scout, and AWP. How to use: (Follow this before you mess up your config!) 1. Open Lua in a text...
  4. Zumbie

    Source Code Osiris With Aimware Menu Updated!

    (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!) Preview: