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  1. BigBrian

    Request Looking for Fatality/Gamesense invite

    Hello! I just started playing HvH 3 days ago, at the moment I am currently using Neverlose. I saw information saying that Fatality is giving an extra invite to all subscribers. I am extremely focused on desperately trying to improve, but I thought it would be a good time to test my luck and...
  2. uwukson

    Source Code synchronization of the clantag like in the gamesense

    the code is written for airflow v1 int iter = 0; std::string last_tag = (""); void c_utils::clantag() { if (!g_ctx.local) return; auto set_clan_tag = [](const char* tag, const char* name) { static auto fn = patterns::clantag.as< void(__fastcall*)(const...
  3. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense kitty resolver open source

    Kitty resovler open source Do what u want 🇺🇦
  4. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense Luasense(beta) best aa ever

    Have good custom desync like luasense or advanced #1
  5. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense remap for mirage/overpass/and another map(i forgot)

    Looking pretty good and working without any problems For use u need to go to misc or visual's and search for remap Can be laggy for some time 1-5 second's cuz loading texture's
  6. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense working best custom resolver for skeet Sauronresik

    I remember that i have custom resolver from 2k20 but it's still good for skeet
  7. PelfoxZXC

    LUA Gamesense teamskeet v4 fixed (#outdated lua fix)

    Here asf boring lua for real paste user's
  8. Jprefect

    Other CSGO, CS2 cheats, configs, tournaments, gw

    Discord server: - CSGO HvH tournament - Giveaways - GameSense, Neverlose config - Anti-Aim settings - In-Future CS2 external, and configs - Other cheat configs incoming - More updates and news in discord: Discord server link
  9. CoTamBobie?

    LUA Pack GameSense freeed Luas

    GameSense Luas: xo-yaw exodus elysium exscord lavender
  10. login147

    Rage CFG skeet/gamesense free rage config

    this configuration will be updated in the discord(click) there will also be configs for other cheats there
  11. Jprefect

    Script Gamesense.cx/underical.cx Skeet lua Axis

    Its a new lua called Axis for skeet free/real skeet. If you want a premium lua with all the functions its the best you can buy. I got missed in 30 hp by 2 gs users and 1 nl from highground, the lua visual is good, user-friendly lua. Obex loader extreme security and much more. If you want to...
  12. JannesBonk

    Source Code Cheat Gamesense.dog V3 source

    another legendware paste freeed 🥱 @swagbob :P
  13. vouza

    Source Code gamesense.dog loader source code

    source is half broken and the owner wanted me to fix it, nah. i will be giving no support on this, fix it yourself
  14. JannesBonk

    Unknown⠀ Net Cra Gamesense.dog freeed

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/359e23843898176ccb9a66786adbbe693d9b6e3af00121710e73a6d5eb75636e Screenshot of Cheat Menu: CFG Path: C:\gs\cfg Didn't really bother to free it, it was simple C# code, they even tried to mask the DLL as a "real" windows DLL which got...
  15. Balazsrl

    Help How to log out of banned skeet.cc/gamesense.pub account?

    I was talking with my friend and gave me his banned skeet account's login details and now im stuck in the account and dont know hot to log out. any help would be appriciated :D Thanks-
  16. Le LUA Pack ethereal [by ZeRo]

    Hi. because you threatened my users I feel I deserve to snap back at you And no, I didn't and won't report your discord. I have no enemies :D ZeRo is a pathological liar and even friends that knew him for years don't wanna get involved with his stupidity. stop taking drugs and head over to...
  17. 13377

    Request help me... gamesense invite if possible?

    i'm tired of getting stomped would really apreciate invite if possible from you community!<3
  18. z4rvisek

    Safe MrMoew Sea of Thieves

    https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c84cb86cb171a357c5db58fe52bc81eae43cfe5d0297d0f1d22e1e80ea971036: Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. everything is undetected MENU KEYBIND: HOME (Hidden text: Visit the forum thread!)
  19. encrypted

    Unknown⠀ Net TheSense - EnGamesense full by me & minionleader

    VirusTotal.com Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/63e2077ab0322e191ab58ed2ff5fa5fce868840d13342d6c2c7638f9a000eb77 Analyze suspicious files to detect types of malware. Screenshot of Cheat Menu: its skeet pasted menu forum mysql: - Database epiz_33922861_thesensecf - Mysql host...
  20. fuhrmann77

    Media High UID user HvH video