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trust factor

  1. Other Whats causing the red trust issue?

    This question is not about a specific module. It is about which method triggers red trust, is it RPM and WPM or what is it? I left the CS cheating scene about 2 years ago and am now back in it. Is it something like VMT Hooking or what is the point that triggers Red Trust?
  2. Undetected Leaguecheats for CS:GO 3.5

    Leaguecheats provides cheats for CS:GO, HL2, HL1 games. Our cheats are the least detected from the p2c market, thanks to our advanced security features. Our menu is encrypted even in memory, and each word is decrypted in real time to be printed to the screen only. Our cheat injects around kernel...
  3. Plisskien

    Tutorial CS:GO - How to Check your Trust Factor

    How to know your Trust Factor?! Small disclaimer, this is my knowledge that I was able to collect during my csgo cheating career, if you don't agree with something, just write below your comment. 1. Every time starting any match in right upper cornet you will see 3 different commends, each of...
  4. Plisskien

    Tutorial How to Boost Trust Factor CS:GO (For CS:GO Cheaters)

    Disclaimer, all of these things are based on my own cheating experience! There are a few simple ways to boost your trust factor in CS:GO, I'll start with the best one. 1. Spending Money on Steam Account No matter what, valve love one particular thing called “Money” I had many clear steam...